Mission statement & History

Mission statement
Elisolation HTM AB supplies semi-manufactured and manufactured details made from fibre reinforced laminate, thermoplastics and flexible insulating materials.
Our customers are mainly Nordic industries within the electro- process- and machine building areas needing our materials and details in both their products and in their production equipment.
Our capacity to compete is based on our ability to supply high quality products on fast delivery to our customers, where competence, availability and service are market top level.

Elisolation goes back to the 1940’s. At that time the company was owned by ASEA (ABB) under the name Elektromikanit. A major part of its business was rewinding wires for transformers.

In 1974 the company Elisolation was established under the new owner, Åke Olson. The operations were geared towards supply of various types of insulating materials for the electro industry. At that time the product range was limited to only a few types of materials. The products were sold as semi-manufacture, without any further processing.

In 1985 Östen and Ann-Marie Hörnell took over. The product range increased, with, among other things, the launch of fibreglass laminates. We began to offer manufacturing, a growing part of our business. The number of customers increased, the entire company grew and in 1989 Elisolation moved into own, new-built premises.

In 1998 Jan Söderberg acquired the company. Since then it is a part of Söderbergföretagen together with Nordic Plastics Group and Henjo Plåtteknik.
The company has developed in a way that manufactured products account for the major part of the turnover, and the range of materials has increased to comprise also thermoplastics.
Today Elisolation can meet all requirements as a supplier of manufactured plastic details and it is one of a few companies specializing in fibre reinforced laminates.